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Marla Hughes

Then you have the expenses of extra vacuum(s), supplies and, as you said, time. Very inefficient way to do things.
As you know I specialize in vacant property clean up and I've found it's much more efficient to use team cleaning. The time saved by not having to switch cleaners and/or jobs more than makes up for the extra travel time between rooms. Also, it makes the harder rooms to clean less of a chore for the team member responsible for the tougher tasks. I use a 'floater' who does all of the high dusting/cleaning, all the windows and mirrors and then vacuums our way out of the unit. The tasks of oven, fridge, shower stalls and toilets are the responsibility of the other two team members. If the floater gets done faster than anticipated, they clean the kitchen cabinets as well or they may go help with a particularly bad shower stall before starting their vacuuming duties.
Switching off floater duties makes everyone happy, especially on a day when it seems everyone has sliding glass doors with doggie 'residue' on them. :-)
So, yes, I fully understand why Team Cleaning makes sense for janitorial efficiency.

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